Talent For The World


This programme is one of the major efforts carried out by YRMS - to help less fortunate but talented and skilful youths who may not have the chance to further their studies or to move forward in life. In this programme, only those interested, talented and the best candidate will be chosen to be trained and guided by a Mentor who will further ‘polish’ their skills.

The first three youths to be successfully trained under this programme are Wong Eng Leong, the Artist; Goh Chiu Kuan the Potter who specializes in ceramic sculptures and Azhar Asrar, the Marble Sculptor. The three of them were trained by the renowned artist, Mr. Juhari Said.

Another youth who had been given, help through this programme is Ainil Johani binti Abu Bakar. She is now a Professional Golfer and has brought significant fame to Malaysia after winning several golf championships, both in the local and international arena.

Hamizatulakma, is a student who had been trained under this programme by her mentor, Madam Asfarena binti Samion, in the field of Fashion and Design. She was sponsored by YRMS to participate in the ASEAN Skills Competition held in the year 2010. The competition was held in Bangkok, Thailand, and she won a bronze medal in the competition.

Another participant of the ‘Talent for the World’ programme is a rapper, Muhammad Syazwan bin Shawaluddin who was taken under the wings of Mr. Yogeswaran A/L Veerasingam (Yogi B), a renowned “Rap mogul”, in order to make his mark in the music industry. He launched his first Rap album in AUGUST 2015.

Another participant in this programme is a youth who, though academically-challenged, has manifested great skills in the culinary arts. He is Megat Danial Aizat bin Megat Ariffin, a young Penangite who had been given the chance to pursue a course in Culinary Arts at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus

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