YAYASAN RAJA MUDA SELANGOR (YRMS) was launched by Duli Yang Maha Mulia (D.Y.M.M) Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah during his coronation as the Sultan of Selangor, in the year 2003.  His Royal Highness is also the Royal Patron of YRMS.  With the aspiration of doing something different, YRMS was established on his belief that there are youths who are not academically inclined but have hidden skills and talents which can be nurtured.  These youths, if given a chance and proper guidance, will be able to achieve their dreams in their field of interest.

The Foundation offers assistance to youths between 18 to 29 years of age.  This opportunity is open to all youths in the country, of all races and religion, in order to help them achieve their dreams and build a better future.  In line with the mission and vision of YRMS, youths are given help in order to develop and increase their potential and skills so that they are more confident in the future and possess good personality traits.

YRMS also provides counselling services, basic financial aid, professional training, in addition to doubling up as mentors in order to give encouragement to these youths, towards building a solid platform for them in the world of business.  The target group are youths with hidden talents and skills, from poor families, specifically, youths who are not academically inclined.