Main Program

This programme is one of the efforts carried out by YRMS to help less-fortunate youths who have “inborn” talent and skills but do not have the chance to further their studies or ‘move forward’ in life. In this programme, the talent of selected youths will be ‘developed’ and ‘polished’, guided by a mentor.

The first 3 youths selested for this programme include an artist, a potter and a sculptor.  They have been successfully guided  and trained  by a mentor.

Another young adult has also been successfully trained in the field of Fashion & Design; while a rapper will soon launch his first album, after completing his training programme in the music industry.

YRMS has also provided assistance to a young golfer in the field of sports. She has represented the country in various local and international golf tournaments.  Another young adult, who is not academically-inclined has also found his ‘niche’ in the field of culinary arts.

Up-to date, YRMS has provided skill-based training to more than 1000 young adults, irrespective of race, gender or religion.  All the young adults trained with sponsorship by YRMS, have been gainfully employed and a few have even started their own business and operating them successfully.

The courses offered are Tailoring, Air-Conditioning Maintenance, Automotive Maintenance, Culinary Arts (Kitchen Practice and Bakery), Beauty Culture, Hair Styling, Electrical Wiring, Computer System, Mobile Phone Repairing and Mandarin.  Future courses in the ‘pipeline’ include Plumbing and Building Construction.  YRMS’ fund is solely received from public and corporate donations.

These workshops are conducted by YRMS in an attempt to help young adults who are about to leave secondary school, to develop personal and inter-personal skills, which if combined with social values, would give them a good start in life.  It is with the hope that, upon successful completion of this workshop, the students will be able to develop the ability to motivate themselves, despite their lack of academic excellence.