The Raja Muda of Selangor Foundation (YRMS) was established in 2000 and was launched by His Majesty, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah around the year 2003 while he was still holding the position of Raja Muda of Selangor. His Majesty is also the patron of the foundation. With the aspiration of doing something different, YRMS was established on the basis of His Majesty’s belief that there are youths who are not academically-inclined but have hidden skills and talents that can be nurtured and honed. These youths, if given a chance and proper guidance will be able to achieve their dreams in their field of interests. YRMS has given help to youths between the ages 18 to 29 years old. This opportunity is open to all the youths in the country, of all races and religion, in order to help them achieve their dreams and build a better future.
According to the mission and vision of YRMS, youths are given help in order to develop and increase their potential and skills so that they are more confident in the future. YRMS provides counselling services, basic financial aids, professional training, and take up the role of mentors to give encouragement to these youths for their efforts in building a solid platform for themselves in the world of business. The target demographic of the Foundation is youths with hidden talents and skills, from poor families. Specifically youths who are not academically-inclined, risqué youths and youths who have been involved in social problems.
There are three main programmes organized by YRMS: 1. ‘Talent for the World’ This programme is an effort to aid less-fortunate youths that have talent and skills but do not have the chance to further their studies or to ‘move forward’. Only the talented, the interested and the best will be selected to be trained and guided by a mentor –who will help to further develop their talent and skills. The first three youths to be selected and trained under this programme are Wong Eng Leong, an artist, Goh Chiu Kuan, a potter who specialized in making ceramic sculptures and Azhar a sculptor who specializes in sculpting marble. All three of them were trained by a mentor, Mr. Juhari Said, a famous local artist. Another youth who had participated in this programme is Aini Abu Bakar. She is a professional golfer and has brought in a lot of trophies and glory to our country, especially after winning a few competitions, both local and international. Besides, there is another student, Hamizatul Akma who was trained by Puan Asfarena. She specialized in Fashion Designing and was sponsored by YRMS to participate in the ASEAN Skills Competition in 2010 that was held in Bangkok, Thailand. She managed to win a silver medal in the competition, furthermore, there was a rapper who also participated in this programme and was trained by Yogi-B who is very famous in the said field of music. There was another youth who was a part of this programme. Even though he was not academically-inclined, he was chosen due to his excellent skills in the culinary field. He is here with us today, a young man from Penang, Megat Danial Aizat. 2. Skill Based Training To date, YRMS has provide skill based training to more than a 1000 youths from all walks of life. We keep track of information on their development through a ‘tracer Study’ that we have conducted. Every student is sponsored by YRMS to follow their preferred vocational course and is given an Alumni Card. It can be said that all of the youths that are trained by YRMS has managed to get jobs and there are some who managed to open their own businesses. Among the offered courses are Sewing, Air-conditioner maintenance and repair, Automotive Maintenance, Culinary Arts (Kitchen Etiquette and Bakery) , Beauty, Hair styling, Electrical wiring, computer systems, Cell phone maintenance and repair, landscape design, and woodwork. 3. ‘Self-Discovery of Young Adults’ Workshop This workshop is held by YRMS as an effort to help form 5 students that will be taking the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) examinations in their respective secondary schools, with the hope to make them aware that help will always be given by YRMS, no matter how they did in their examination. They are exposed to the chances given by YRMS to attend skill based courses offered by the organization. YRMS too, has received many applications after they have finished their schooling in the secondary level. Workshops for this motivational course have cooperated and received aid from CIMB Bank Berhad. This year, The motivational course is held with the help and cooperation from RHB Bank Berhad. Around 300 form 5 students have benefited from this programme since it was started in 2003. ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMES Besides the main programmes that have been mentioned, we also have organized several charity programmes with orphans. These programmes are held in order to give experience and awareness to all the youths who are participants or have participated in the courses sponsored by YRMS. As an example, students in the Sewing course are brought to orphanages and are asked to take measurements and make clothes for orphans from several orphanages. Students of the hair styling course are assigned to cut and style the occupants of participating orphanages, while other students from other courses help according to their specific skill set that they have honed in the course of their training. So far, all the volunteers have given support and helped out including the parties who have donated necessities such as cloths and related materials that can be used for the orphanages. However, we are always in need of support and help from parties who would like to donate to us, all in all allowing these youths to be able to continue on organizing such charity events and bring benefit to all those who are in need.
The cost to overcome unemployment among youths, at present and in the future, is quite a lot. This crisis would definitely create a huge impact on our economy. It is one of the biggest challenges faced by our country and it does not only bring economic and social problems, but also personal ones, in the lives of those youths. Our aim is to help lessen the burden they carry and indirectly lessen any issues related to the crisis. YRMS has provided opportunities to many students to be sponsored for youths and to attain the proper training of their skills and eventually receive a certificate that will then give them a chance to obtain appropriate jobs that is related to their training.
More than RM 3 million has been spent for about 1000 students in the course of 10 years. We have received trust funds and donations not only from corporate organizations but from individuals too. Nonetheless, we still need generous donors who are concerned with youths who are unable to continue their schooling or have to stop studying due to various reasons. With the given financial aid and other donations given to YRMS, we can organize and add more fields of skills that can interest youths to participate and learn in order to improve themselves.
YRMS aims are parallel to the organization’s mission and objective, which are to increase the number of trained students and offer more courses to youths and spawn more chances for them in order to help them fulfil their dream of attaining a better and stable future. Today, there are two successful students of ours here and they will share their experience as students sponsored by YRMS. So far, we have helped more than 1000 youths. Our aim is to help up to 5000 students by 2020. We welcome all corporate organizations or interested individuals to help and come forward to give support to us. YRMS is always in a search for continuous support and long-term partnerships. If there are anyone interested in forming a ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ programme (CSR), we are ready to accept assistance and enforce any suggestion in order to achieve our combined objectives. For further details, contact us at our YRMS office or visit us at : Raja Muda of Selangor Foundation Office (YRMS), G Floor, Darul Ehsan Building, 3,Jalan Indah, seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA Tel: +603-55133500 Fax: +603-55135503 Website:www.yrms.org.my