The YAYASAN RAJA MUDA SELANGOR supports the development of personality, attitude, and skills of talented youths through the three principles stated below:

SELF- EVALUATION– We monitor these youths and develop their skills and later allow them to start their own businesses. In order to move towards that path, we provide counselling services, basic financial aid, professional skill training and we also take up the role of mentors in order to give them encouragement towards every grain of effort shown by them so they can build a solid platform in the business world.

DEVELOPMENT IN SELF-MANAGEMENTРTraining programmes are pre-arranged in a fixed schedule. These programmes provide a learning experience that functions to increase their confidence level in order for them to achieve their target and ambitions.

BUILDING BRIDGES– We create awareness to stimulate networking effort and interaction along with social empathy and responsibility towards society. Nurturing empathy creates a person who can give encouragement and support towards those who need our help and assistance.


Our mission is based on the belief that every individual has inborn talent and focuses on the premises below:

We provide chances for youths to realize their dreams

  • We coorporate with individuals, corporate supporters, National organizations and state bodies in order to reach certain objectives.
  • We identify and structure effective training programmes so as to help youths attain a higher style of living.
  • We focus on a policy that develops the goodness of youths and encourage donors at the state and national level.

The developed programmes delve deep in the fields of Art, Culture, Sports and Recreation. All in all nurturing trust, personality and competency among youths and further encouraging them to have beneficial and quality social interaction with family members and the community.